New Mai Daeng Tsugaru Shamisen for sale!

Hello! It’s been a while since i last had a shamisen up for sale. This one is made, neck (sao) and body (dou) of a very dense Thai hardwood called Mai Daeng.
Here is a video tour of the instrument. I should have one of me playing it within a few days. Please go here for more details:

Kora with Eki

Eki has been up here for more than two weeks now learning to play, tune, fix strings and all sorts of things. Here we’re doing a bit of an improvisation linking together some of things we played with.

Kora bridge down and back up again

This video is all about taking a kora bridge down (for travelling for instance or long term storage) and then getting it back up again. Thanks to 蔡以琦 (Eki) for being a part of this!
I have other videos concerning this task but i thought it a good chance to make one again while Eki is here.

C’s Flamenco

Onwards with top work

Cutting the rosette channel


Fitting the still too thick rosette to make sure it’ll fit

After bringing the rosette down to about 1.5mm, it’s time to glue it in and add some light clamping pressure.


Rosette glued in and flush with the top side of the top. I’ve also thinned the top to around 3mm. Tomorrow I’ll bring it a little closer to the finished thickness in the 2mm range. Because this is for a smaller scale instrument I took a little off the outside edge of the rosette. Maybe about 1mm at the most. Seemed to make sense scale wise though it is all a subtle sort of thing. The wood of the top is Engelmann Spruce.

That scored line just in from the rosette is where the sound hole will be cut. I’m waiting until I’m close to correct thickness to cut that out. By leaving it there I think it gives some support to the top while thinning.