Guitar Making

After many years now of making Koras and Shamisens and Igils and all sorts of other musical instruments, it seems that I am now going to include Guitars to the list. I will be making Flamenco and Classical Guitars primarily and will start with Flamenco Guitars and shift over to include Classicals soon enough.

Flamenco Guitar was my primary instrument for performing and composing on for many years and it is really great to be getting back into playing and now, of course, building as well. Please stay tuned for more about this beginning new adventure through the end of 2017 and into 2018 and, all willing, onwards. 


Go Bar Deck and Solera

The top photos are of the solera I’ve been working on. It’s pretty much done, I just have to dish out the body area (the part not shellac’d) Maybe you can get an idea of how it works in the last 2 photos!
The last photo is of a Go Bar Deck that Is finished now. It is used for clamping various things but especially the bracing on the top and back of a guitar. I still have to make or find some bendy sticks that will go between the top and bottom and that is how the gentle clamping happens.





Bending Iron

A while back I posted something about finding a place that has steel pipe and then a fellow with a small shop that could weld. From that I had a Bending Iron made to my specs. Today I made the structure that will allow me to use the thing and not create a big fire (it uses a butane torch to heat it)
I’ll put the photo of it more or less finished and the others following.